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When you don't have the time, the tools or the knowledge.

What Can I Do For You?

I can for instance repair the screen for your Iphone 4 or Iphone 5 at a resonable cost.
I can do complete new Windows system installs on your computer. Providing you have a legal Key.
I can recover, transfer or copy old data, foto's and music on a new medium for you.
I can design business cards, flyers, posters or catalogs for you. Ready for print or online.
I can replace or expand hardware in and for your computer.
I can do small reparations on Scooters, Mopeds and Three Wheelers.
I can build simple HTML websites for beginners or Blogs and CMS (Content Management Systems)
I can help you integrate a billing system or third-party billing software into your existing website.
I can help you digitize old Audio Files from cassette or record to a digital medium.
I can help you out finding and setting up the right hosting package for your business.
I can do you online marketing like SEO, SEM and PageRank.
I can fix some of your software or settings problems online/live on your. With your authority of course.
I can install WIFI in and through-out your house or help you setup your modem.


I can drive a car.
I can sail a motor boat.
I can ride a bike.
I can swim.
I can caculate from the top of my head.
I can BBQ pretty damn well.
I can take your picture.
I can scan your pictures.
I can fix my own bike tire when it's flat.
I can also change that tire.
I can drill holes in walls.
I can paint. Doors and walls.
I can copy & paste really fast.
I can shoot Bow & Arrow.
I can fix simple (diesel)motors.
I can roll nice joints.
I can roll inside-out.
I can also roll proper Blunts.
I can tell you a lot about Cannabis & Hemp.
I can tell you about the birds & the bees.
I can water your plants.
I can replace a look and lock.
I can create and apply decals/vinyl.
I can replace lightbulbs.
I can solder.
I can watch your house.
I can make killer eggs in the morning.
I can make good coffee too.
I can read your damn Dutch goverment letters.
I can show you some delicious restaurants in Amsterdam.
I can also show you some good Coffeeshops.
I can silkscreen, book print and offset.
I can drive a forklift.
I can use a hammer, a grinder and a saw.
I can get people together.
I can drive through Amsterdam with my eyes closed.
I can tell you about a couple of cocktail bars.

I can do a lot more and you can always ask.
I can also always call my friends.
I can always tell you to go figure it out.

I can not walk your dog! You should get your priorities straight!

I can do it anywhere in the world.

And ALL that.. Just for a little bit of money.

Contact me if you think I can help!

It works very simple. I have a regular job, but I like to do business on the side and help out people where I can. By helping out I mean. I won't charge you an arm and a legg.

Describe your circumstances and/or how I can help you. Don't forget to include important information like dates, deadlines or inconveniences.

I will get back to you as soon as possible with what I think can do for you, and an indication of how much I think this would cost. Let's Be Fair.

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